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Notre Dame of Banga is a sectarian catholic school in Banga, South Cotabato, Philippines. It is managed by the Augustinian Recollect Sisters and stands to serve the people of Banga and its neighboring towns.

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Notre Dame of Banga was founded by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) in 1952. Few years later (1955), Bishop Gerard Mongeau requested the Augustinian missionaries to take over its administration. After an ocular inspection of the school site, the offer was accepted and on May 11, 1956 three sisters headed by Rev. Mother Mary Bernard arrived to assume the management of the school.

  On April 1961, with the increase of the school enrollment at almost a thousand, four additional classrooms were constructed.

  On May 1962, when Rev. Mother Luz Nitura was transferred to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Tiwi Albay, Rev. Mother Mary Bernard was reinstated as Mother Superior of Notre Dame of Banga.

  Records of the school year 1963 and 1964 showed a total student population of almost a thousand. To meet this increase, additional classrooms where built.

  Through the perseverance of the Sisters, the faculty and staff, Notre Dame of Banga was able to make it, not to mention the trials underwent by the Sisters during their stay in the community. Thanks to the generous assistance of the parish priest at that time, Rev. Father Clarence W. Bertelsman, O.M.I. and Mrs. Remedios Segovia. Their generosity is always counted with sincere gratitude.

  Part and parcel of the ongoing existence of Notre Dame Banga is attributed to the following administrators:

1952-1962       - Rev. Fr. Joseph P. Quinn, OMI

                        - Mrs. Remedios Segovia

1956-1962       - Sr. Mary Bernard Matanguihan, A.R.

1961-1962       - Sr. Mary Bernard Matanguihan, A.R.

                        - Sr. Consuelo Dangan, A.R.

                        - Sr. Guadalupe Seroy, A.R.

                        - Sr. Ma. Auxiliadora Somosot, A.R.

1968-1970       - Sr. Ma. Auxiliadora Somosot, A.R.

1970-1971       - Sr. Ma. Emelia Gaspillo, A.R.

1971-1972       - Sr. Ma. Jesus Lastimado, A.R.

                        - Sr. Adela Ngo, A.R.

1972-1976       - Sr. Ma. Jesus Lastimado, A.R.

                        - Sr. Ma. Flora Silvero, A.R.

1977-1982       - Sr. Ma. Goretti Cui, A.R.

1982-1986       - Sr. Irenea Vergara, A.R.

1986-1995       - Sr. Aurelia Cagang, A.R.

1995-1996       - Sr. Rafaela Paras, A.R.

1996-2000       - Sr. Marcelina Diaz, A.R.

2001-2002       - Sr. Ma. Alma Alaras, A.R.

2002-2005       - Sr. Ma. Goretti, A.R.

2005-2006       - Sr. Emilia Buenaseda, A.R.

2006-Present   - Sr. Marilyn Gustilo, A.R.

  Sr. Aurelia Cagang, A.R. became the principal for almost 9 years. Many improvements were made during these years. To utter some; The Administrative Building, Conference Room, Guidance Office, CAT Office, Information Center, NDB Gym, Bleachers, Canteen and Bookstore building, Covered Pathways, Elementary Classrooms and the Organization of Parents, Administrators and Teachers Association (PATAS).

  After all those years, Sr. Rafaela Paras, A.R. became the superior-principal for one year. Sr. Marcelina Diaz, A.R. took over her position in the year 1996-2000. In her time, improvements were added like having a computer room, sewing room, wet laboratory, renovation of the A.R. T.H.E. dirty kitchen, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel grotto, lawn tennis court, and the organization of the Notre Dame of Banga Alumni Association (NDBAA).

  During the school year 2001-2002, Sr. Ma. Alma Alaras, A.R. was assigned as the principal. Upon launching the Golden Jubilee Celebration, Notre Dame of Banga was recognized through the leadership of the supportive and energetic principal, the teachers, parents, and the alumni who joined actively to make the said affair memorable.

In her time, the following innovations were made:

  • the tiling of the science wet laboratory, computer room, library, CAT office, guidance office, canteen and the convent’s kitchen.
  • Making of concrete study tables.
  • Repainting of the School roof
  • Renovation of the rest rooms for male and female.
  • Regular cleanliness campaign.
  • Installation of the fourteen Station of the Cross along the front school fence.

  Under the said administration, cooperation and rapport among teachers and parents were very evident.

  The school year 2003-2005 is a year packed with significant events that leaped the school community to greater heights when the Allah Valley Area meet and the Regional Schools Press Conference was successfully realized.

  Sr. Ma. Goretti Cui, A.R. in her pursuit to lead the school towards His goodness, unselfishly shared the school’s resources in order to make the said affair a success. With the untiring cooperation of the teachers, school personnel and parents, the school is cautiously preparing for the PAASCU Accreditation.

  Generally, Sr. Ma. Goretti Cui, A.R. is heading towards a greater prowess for the school community through the intercession of Mama Mary and the graces of God.

 It was in the school year 2005-2006, under the management of the ever supportive Sr. Emelia Buenaseda, A.R. when the tiling of the fourth year classrooms and the renovation of the elementary rest rooms was made.

  A year after, Sr. Marilyn Gustilo, A.R. took over and ordered the renovation of the school’s façade, the construction of the butterfly garden, construction of additional rest rooms for the 1st year, 3rd year, and 4th year and the tiling of the classrooms from 1st year to 3rd year. New bulletin boards were put up along the pathway and for the first time, different clubs were able to have their own bulletin boards.  Aside from that, the English speaking campaign was launched and improved. The administration focused more on academics. Summer classes on piano, voice lessons, and guitar were also offered so with tutorials classes for students who need academic assistance.

  The started programs were continued in the school year 2007-2008 by the same principal. It was in this year when mural paintings of the fence were done as students’ project to develop their skills in visual arts.  Sports clinic was also opened for students who are inclined to playing volleyball, badminton, and other sports. Advertisements were made through billboards to attract enrollees for the next school year.

  This year (2008-2009), Notre Dame of Banga widen its vision and do things to realize its mission. Under the same administration, innovations were continued. New technology was acquired to meet the students’ academic needs such as the internet connected computer laboratory, and a new multimedia projector with a laptop for multimedia supported instructions. Four CD players were also purchased for students and teachers’ use. The computer room is now fully air-conditioned. The school has a new dining hall at the canteen for the students; and a new drum set was purchased for the students’ music room, to enhance their skills in playing musical instruments. In front of the sisters’ convent you can enjoy watching the wishing fountain (courtesy of Mr. David Lumahan), and even drop a coin and make a wish before going to the chapel for a prayer.  It was in this year when the school hosted the SCUVA academic contest. KANDRASA.COM was also realized during this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration wherein an open campus was held to market the school by inviting students from other schools to witness our students as they perform on stage.  

  The administration is serious in its plans to pursue and give Quality Christian Education in spite of the challenge of global crisis.  With the help of the teachers, and the support of the parents and alumni, Notre Dame of Banga will continue to soar high.

  Long live Notre Dame of Banga!


New Version:

a life-giving and innovating education ministry committed to transforming community of learners into Christ-centered Augustinian Recollect Stewards. 


Old Version:

Notre Dame of Banga, a community of upright and fully-developed persons, living with one mind and heart in solidarity with the chruch.


New Version:

  1. Strengthen fraternal charity through God-filled friendship and renewed evangelization.
  2. Facilitate the integral development of the learners towards transformation through current researches, relevant curricular offerings and responsive community extension services.
  3. Fortify leadership and professional development of stakeholders through continuing education and intensive Augustinian Recollect Spirituality.
  4. Develop a community of Christ-centered Augustinian Recollect Stewards who are environmentally caring and global leaders.
  5. Nurture one another in the shared mission for the sustainability of AR schools and social relevance of programs and services.


Old Version:

The Academic Community of Notre Dame of Banga commits; to live the Gospel Values and the teachings of St. Augustine with Mary our Mother as our model and guide:

  • in living love and friendship in the school community;
  • in establishing holistic academic excellence;
  • in enhancing an atmosphere of service in the church in keeping with the charism of Mother Dionisia and Mother Cecilia Rosa Talangpaz.

To make things concrete

Notre Dame of Banga is one with the church in promoting vocation. (This picture was taken during the visit of OAR prients at Notre Dame of Banga for the thanks giving mass of a newly ordained OAR Priest.)

There is always Room for improvement of teachers through seminars, recollection, retreats etc.


Students are sent and encourage to participate in activities for exposure, thus developing their self confidence. (Picture taken last NDEA SCUVA competition) 

Technology is part of students' exposure. Basic foundation leads them to computer literacy. Come school year 2009-2010, Kinder 1 to Grade 6 will be equipped with Television sets with Cable TV connection to assist the learning process of the pupils and that is through the knowledge channel and or other educational TV programs.

Quality graduates are produced. (These batch 2009 graduates belong to the TOP 5 out of 83 Public and Private High Schools and TOP 4 out of 31 Private Schools in South Cotabato during the National Career Assisment Examination)


At Notre Dame of Banga students do not just learn the Academics. They are also trained to be active, responsible and useful citizens. 


 NDB Family Cares and Shares. (Out reach Activity through a bundle of joy is done every Month of December and is sponsored by the ARSC student council with the support of the teachers and administrators.) 


 Students are also sent for National exposure.(A National ARSC Conference/convention is held annually or as agreed to promote friendship among students from different AR schools nationwide; to promote LEADERSHIP among students; to enhance their confidence and become responsible YOUTH LEADERS.)


NDB produce quality graduates in sedondary level making them ready to face college life.  

(Picture taken last March 2009. These graduates belongs to the Top 5 in their career exam NCEA out of 83 schools in South Cotabato and Top 4 out of 31 Private Schools in South Cotabato.

NDB produce quality graduates in sedondary level making them ready to face college life.  

(Picture taken last March 2009. These graduates belongs to the Top 5 in their career exam NCEA out of 83 schools in South Cotabato and Top 4 out of 31 Private Schools in South Cotabato.

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