Notre Dame of Banga

Welcome to the website of Notre Dame of Banga. A piece dedicated to our dear students, mentors, and the alumni of this institution.

As we continue serving the community through quality Christian Community-Oriented Education, it is our hope to impart to each student the Mission and Vision of the School.

"Notre Dame of Banga as it stands today continue waving its banner. Steadfast and unwavering in realizing its Mission and Vision."
To our alumni, for good you have chosen to go a distance and seek for whatever best that is yet to come in your lives. Wherever you are, one thing is for sure; That you've missed your high school days. And that you always wanted to come back to NDB.

For the mean time, this website will keep you updated of the activities here in Notre Dame of Banga. This will also serve as a portal where you can communicate and see your long-lost classmates and teachers way back your high school years. Feel at home, share your thoughts and share your experiences.

Nothing compares to having you near through this site. May you always visit us, and may you also find time to visit NDB campus.

Welcome and Mabuhay!